Theater for the New City will present its 49th annual Thunderbird American Dancers Pow Wow and Dance Concert from January 12-21, 2023.

There will be dances, stories and traditional music from Native Peoples of the Northeast, Southwest and Great Plains regions.

The event has become a treasured New York tradition for celebrating our diversity by honoring the culture of our first Americans.  TNC donates all proceeds from the event to college scholarship funds for Native American students. 

Pageantry is an important component of the event, and all participants are elaborately dressed. There is a wealth of cultural information encoded in the movements of each dance. More than ten distinct tribes will be represented in the performance. The dozen-or-so dancers are people of all ages, raging from thirteen-year-old Isabel Cespedes (Mayan) to retirees.

Matinées are kids’ days, when children aged five to twelve accompanied by a ticket-bearing adult are admitted for $1.00 (adults $15). At the conclusion of these matinées, young audience members are invited to pose for pictures with the dancers. More information here