Looking for a winter road trip or a fun local, outdoor activity? Think the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

With many public schools throughout the Northeast on winter recess for President’s Week and families looking for fun activities to keep their children engaged, a trip to Lady Liberty and Ellis Island is the perfect winter activity with departures out of Battery Park in lower Manhattan in NYC, seven days/week. 

Those reasons include:

  1. Alone Time with Lady Liberty – When can you visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island without the peak crowds and where you feel like you have Lady Liberty to yourself.  
  2. The Great Outdoors – From the boat ride to Liberty Island to the acres of open space, a majority of the experience is outside and hey—it’ll feel like Spring with temperatures in the high 50’s, low 60’s later this week.
  3. Make up for the missed school trip – While the islands have reopened and visitors are returning, school trips have not yet fully returned. This means many elementary school kids are missing out on that fun trip to the islands.  Why not make up for lost time and learn a bit along the way about these treasures of New York Harbor.
  4. Trace your family history – A visit to Ellis Island provides the opportunity to explore your family heritage.
  5. Admission to the museums, the grounds and the boat ride are included in the ticket – From the new Statue of Liberty Museum to the National Immigration Museum on Ellis Island, there’s plenty of fun for everyone. And if you book in advance, you can squeeze in a trip up into the pedestal of Lady Liberty. Tickets can be booked in advance here: https://www.cityexperiences.com/new-york/city-cruises/statue/