Beginning October 15, 2022, Seattle’s MOHAI presents the West Coast premiere of Artificial Intelligence: The Mind & The Machine.

It’s the first traveling exhibit to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI), uncovering the mystery and the myths of machine learning, how it evolved and how it will impact the future.

This hands-on, highly interactive exhibit, created by The Relayer Group in New York, shows how the human brain and computers interact with the world and gives visitors an up-close look at exactly what thinking machines are–and what they might become.

From illusions that fool computers to machines that can identify their surroundings and translate languages, the exhibit provides hands-on opportunities to explore the explosive growth of AI across many disciplines, including computer animation, video games, film, self-driving cars, and robotics. 

The exhibit provides a compelling experience for engaging both students and the general public with a dynamic, engaging, hands-on introduction to AI.

The goal of the exhibit designers was to provide people with a way to understand AI so that it’s real and relevant, not mysterious or frightening. At the same time, the exhibit is clear that AI can change the world in ways that might be good and bad, and all of us should think about how that might happen.

Up-to-date information about Artificial intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine and related programming can be found in the MOHAI online calendar at, on Facebook, or by calling (206) 324-1126.

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