Boston Children’s Museum will bring imagination to the forefront of a fun filled and playful summer.

Every day this summer children and families will see how far their imagination can take them. Lively themes and an Imagination Carnival will allow every Museum visitor to pretend and imagine what could be. The Museum welcomes all to celebrate pretend play, make believe, and fantasy, all of which inspire joy and wonder while also fostering creativity and problem solving. 

Summer of Imagination Themes and Events include:

Return of the Dinosaurs!
Tuesday, July 5 – Monday, July 25
What if you could travel back in time to meet dinosaurs? What if dinosaurs lived in outer space? What if both you and dinosaurs lived in outer space?!  Use your imagination to create your own dinosaur and the place where it lives. 

Imagination City
Tuesday, July 26 – Monday, August 8
If you were in charge of designing a city…what would it be? What if that city was for cats? Or fairies? Or dinosaurs? Use your imagination and creativity to help make a new city. 

Imagination Carnival – Special After-Hours Event
Saturday, July 30
Far-fetched, whimsical, and fantastic, the Imagination Carnival will feature traditional carnival games, performances, and challenges with an imaginative twist. Enjoy activities both inside and outside the Museum. This special event will make for a joyful summer evening along Fort Point Channel.
Under the Sea
Tuesday August 9 – Monday, August 22
If you were an ocean explorer… what would you see? What might live there? Use your imagination to design an underwater world filled with fantastical fish and other creative creatures. 

Shape Extravaganza 
Tuesday, August 23 – Monday, September 5
What can you do with a bunch of different shapes? Can you make a person? A new planet? A dinosaur in a spaceship? Use your imagination and lots of different shapes of all sizes to tell a story.

The Museum is open Monday through Sunday from July 4 until September 5 in two time slots 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30-4:30pm. Admission is only by advance registration and ticketing. All visitors, including members, are required to reserve an advance ticket online at

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