The New Children’s Museum in San Diego is putting a greater emphasis on providing sensory-friendly programming, services and healing spaces.

The Breathing Room is for neurodivergent individuals and others needing a sensory friendly experience. As part of this effort, the arts-based children’s museum commissioned Michelle Montjoy for Breathing Room, a new art installation that provides a calm respite in an otherwise highly interactive environment. The first phase of the installation opened Saturday, June 11.

“The New Children’s Museum has an opportunity as the world evolves post-pandemic to further establish itself as a place of creativity, play and comprehensive learning for all audiences,” said Elizabeth Yang-Hellewell, Executive Director and CEO. “We’re seeing a much greater need for safe, welcoming, sensory supportive spaces for children and adults. At The New Children’s Museum, we are moving towards an arts-based model that can support a diverse array of sensory preferences and needs.”

Breathing Room is a quiet space on the Museum’s main level that welcomes visitors with calming colors and hanging textile sculptures that gently move up and down. The rhythmic movement of the soft, hand-knitted elements replicates breathing cycles, allowing visitors to slow down and relax.

More information here.

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