March 12 marks the first anniversary of Broadway’s shutdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Broadway Podcast Network provides an online digital platform for Broadway Performers, creatives, and more to showcase their work, and who were creating in the digital world before it was au courant due to the pandemic. 

When quarantine hit, artists were struggling to figure out how to continue to create, and BPN was poised beautifully to support their initiatives. 

Boasting over 100 podcasts, in a variety of formats from audio dramas to interview shows, to Livestream events that attract a record number of viewers such as the Legally Blonde and Be More Chill reunions, BPN continues to support a community who is decimated by the current crisis. Podcasts are contributed from (and distributed to) all over the world, including the UK and Australia.

In a medium that is seeing listenership decline (more podcasts, less commuting), BPN has seen a steady increase since the quarantine started. People love Broadway and Broadway people love entertaining. What we all need right now is entertainment.

No one​ knows exactly​ when Broadway will return, BPN is here to continue to provide the community and its fans a little piece of their heart. Every day, BPN is adding new podcasts and new avenues for distribution in an effort to continue to support the beloved theater community across the country and the world.  

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