The Denver Museum of Nature & Science welcomes “Bugs.” This interactive exhibition takes you into the incredible world of insects as you learn how to think, work and use your superpowers like nature’s true geniuses.

Will you save the Japanese honeybee hive from an invading hornet? Join forces and press on multiple buttons to raise the temperature in the beehive and get rid of the intruder.  Can you spot the orchid mantis before she spears you for her lunch in the secret garden? Light up your flashlight against a group of flowers and find the camouflaged mantis. Can you fly as fast as the wind? Make your own paper insect and see if the wind tunnel makes it fly up high!

Bugs make up 90% of all animal species on Earth, yet few of us know how essential and powerful these creatures really are. Discover how their adaptations are inspiring solutions to some of our most complex problems and imagine what’s possible in the future in “Bugs.”

Bugs is created by Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand and Weta Workshop (the creative studio behind the Lord of the Rings films’ fantastical sets).