The CDC will no longer update its list of Covid-19 travel health notices.  This is because more and more countries are no longer testing or reporting new cases.

However, as we all know, Covid-19 is still out there, and new variants are popping up all the time.   So, the experts at InsureMyTrip are sharing some tips to protect yourself when traveling overseas.

  1. Get vaccinated: No matter where you’re going, being up to date with your Covid-19 vaccines is key to protecting yourself.
  1. Know before you go: Some countries have entry requirements and restrictions related to Covid-19. InsureMyTrip’s  Visa Requirement and Travel Restrictions tool lays out all that is required when visiting a specific country.
  1. Prepare for the worst: Contracting Covid-19 while on vacation can scary and expensive.  Most domestic health insurance policies will not cover medical bills incurred abroad.  So, a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes travel medical can help cover the costs if you have a medical emergency while traveling and this may include issues related to COVID-19. 

A travel insurance policy can also offer protection for flight delays, trip cancellation, baggage loss or emergency medical evacuation.