Discovery Cove in Orlando FL has opened its Flamingo Point habitat. It offers guests an immersive and educational experience while promoting conservation efforts for the magnificent birds.

Flamingo Point is a spacious environment nestled within the lush landscapes of Discovery Cove, providing a serene setting for guests to observe the graceful creatures up close throughout the day while learning from the park’s expert aviculturists. Viewing these magnificent birds, in their new home, will be included with admission.

For those looking for an up-close experience with flamingos, guests can enjoy multiple Flamingo Mingle programs offered throughout the day while also supporting conservation efforts. Five percent of Flamingo Mingle proceeds will be donated to Audubon Florida as part of a new partnership between the two organizations dedicated protecting birds and the places they need. 

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By the way, do you know why flamingos stand on only one leg? A: Because if they lifted the other, they would fall down! Badda Boom!