Grand Canyon National Park has implemented mandatory Level 2 water conservation measures due to diminished water resources.

At Level 2, measures require that all concessions operations switch to disposable dishes and utensils; alter menus to use less water for food prep and dish washing; adopt low water use for hotel room cleaning; and serve drinking water at restaurants by request only.

Mandatory water conservation includes not watering lawns/plants or washing cars; filling the sink with water while washing dishes; reporting drips, leaks, or other water loss to appropriate offices; turning off the water while you shave or brush your teeth; running dishwashers or washing machines with only full loads- in eco mode if available; and taking shorter showers. All visitors and residents must implement water conservation measures immediately in homes, hotel rooms, and at the campgrounds.

Since Tuesday, July 19, Grand Canyon’s Water Utilities crew have been working to fix a total of four leaks along the Transcanyon Pipeline on the North Kaibab and Bright Angel trails.

More information is here

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