Travelers desiring to visit Chile during its low season should start booking flights and planning itineraries. Now through November, Chile’s autumn, winter, and spring seasons offer visitors a more affordable travel option without compromising the experience of Chile’s diverse and unique natural beauty.

As demand decreases during the low season, flights to Chile are cheaper and tourist packages can be booked at lower prices. Overall, you’ll be able to interact with smaller crowds at various popular destinations allowing you to have an intimate experience.

Visit the City of Arica

Escape from the harsh North American weather during the low season and visit the city of Arica located in Chile’s northern region. Arica is known as the city of “Eternal Spring”, which makes it another excellent destination to host your stay.

As a result of the city’s pleasant climate, travelers can indulge in the beautiful beaches and explore the cultural sites. The city’s rich heritage offers tours of the painted geoglyphs and the historic abandoned saltpeter mines.

Barrio Lastarria

During the low season, take a stroll down a much less crowded Barrio Lastarria in the heart of Santiago. This historical neighborhood, also known as barrio Bellas Artes, is a popular tourist attraction offering a wealth of cultural activity for tourists that includes museums, cinemas, restaurants, and bars. Tourists will be able to join Chile’s wondrous wines at the local bars without having to visit the vineyards if time does not permit. The neighborhood is also filled with newer boutique hotels that offer a comfortable and affordable stay. And for the creatives and art lovers, you’ll find local artist vendors lining the streets displaying various paintings, photographs, jewelry, and knick-knacks.


For the adventure travelers and skiing aficionados, ski resorts in Santiago, the capital of Chile, are open during the months of June to October. Not only will you be able to ski during the North American ski off-season, but you’ll also be surrounded by the iconic Andes Mountains, which are the longest continental mountain range in the world.

Hot Springs

For the family members or friends, who are not fans of skiing, you can enjoy the relaxing hot springs, waterfalls, national parks, and hiking trails in the Araucarias National Reserve, which can all be found in the skiing areas of Malalcahuello and Corralco. These areas have become trendy destinations for spending the winter in Chile and are only a few miles south of Santiago. 

If you’re looking for an affordable getaway that will immerse you in both cultural sites, beaches, snow landscapes, and a unique biodiversity, consider these advantages of travelling to Chile during the low season. To learn more about Chile and the country’s offering for an adventurous trip, please visit