By Gina Burgos (guest blogger)

ABOARD THE ROYAL CARIBBEAN ALLURE OF THE SEAS (Day 3 of 3) — We prepared for the Fashion Show grand finale with a rehearsal Barbie Dance Class, part of Royal Caribbean’s Barbie Premium Experience.  Led by one of the Adventure Ocean staff who was a dance instructor, the girls learned a fully choreographed routine to the song “Do The Mermaid” from Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 movie. The workshop was very professionally run and we were all thrilled to see the girls immediately catch onto the moves within the span of one hour. My daughter was anticipating the fashion show all week but now we were even more excited! 

But before the big event we still had more activities. The Barbie Sing Along was karaoke songs from various Barbie movies.  For the younger girls who couldn’t read lyrics this event was not as engaging. Still the girls had fun playing with each other and their glittery toy microphones, and for those who had seen the Barbie movies featured it was even more engaging. 

On our final day of the cruise we had a jam packed schedule but most importantly it was our daughter’s 4th birthday!  There is no way to sum up the amount of celebration that was had – it started with a round of “happy birthday” at the Madagascar character breakfast and ran all the way through to evening dinner with our whole dining room and staff singing Happy Birthday!  I can’t imagine how we could ever top this birthday.  

The focus of day was the evening’s Barbie Fashion Show.  Even before the girls were treated to a surprise complimentary manicure (not part of the package), we had so many exciting activities planned.  We attended the “ImagineOcean” black light puppet show in the Adventure Ocean theater.  It was a first rate product with plush seating, bubbles and water sprays that made this feel like a 4D movie experience.  Next was the Madagascar Aqua Show, with high energy and total crowd participation it ranked up there in the trip favorites.  

And at five o’clock, with the red carpet rolled out in the Dazzles Lounge, the Fashion Show began.  It felt so professionally put together.  Girls walked the runway in their tutus and accessories, posing and really showing off their own individual styles.  The grand finale was the Mermaid Dance they had all practiced and it brought the house down!  The show was AMAZING and for me it was the highlight of the trip.  

We ended the night with our new group of friends at dinner.  The Barbie Premium Experience staff had arranged for a huge pink birthday cake for our daughter and we all sang happy birthday.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect week.

There were so many wonderful elements to this trip – the Barbie Premium Experience, the ship and the cruising experience, the friends we made and the laughter we shared – it was all truly priceless.  In the morning as we walked to our room for the last time my daughter was crying, saying she didn’t want to leave the ship.  We told her not to worry, we would be back soon.