National Parks Week is coming up April 16-24, and many people will take the opportunity to seek out the crown jewels of our federal public lands.

Those trips might include long lines waiting for bathrooms or parking lots – and that’s for those who make it to the park at all.

After a dip in attendance caused by COVID-19, our national parks are seeing record-shattering visitor numbers, with some parks seeing a million more visitors from one year to the next. That’s stretching park infrastructure and staff to their limits. At the same time, millions more are unable to access our public lands at all due to things like entrance fees, high travel costs, and a lack of transit options.

There’s one way we can address both problems: Protect more nature. Protecting 30% of all lands and waters in the U.S. would ease stress on the national park system, provide more opportunities for outdoor recreation for all, and help us take on climate change. If you’re interested in learning more about outdoor equity or the 30×30 initiative,visit the Sierra Club’s site here.

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