Skyspace by light and space artist James Turrell will be June 18 unveiled during the 2022 Green Box Arts Festival in Green Mountain Falls CO.

The installation will be the first Skyspace in the state of Colorado and the first in the world to be nestled into the side of a mountain.

An instant pilgrimage destination, the Green Mountain Falls Skyspace will attract global arts enthusiasts, first to Green Mountain Falls, and ultimately on a spirited trek through an entrancing conifer forest for the ultimate reward—a transcendent, sensory work of art. Standing 18-feet-tall, the Skyspace was commissioned by the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation. The Skyspace experience will take viewers on a one-of-a-kind kinetic light and color encounter.

The 2022 Green Box Arts Festival will officially debut the Skyspace with an event featuring Pikes Peak Poet Laureate, Ashley Cornelius, who has been commissioned by Green Box to create and perform a spoken word piece about the work. Additionally, three other works of public art will be introduced at the festival: A sculpture by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam (born 1928), a limited-edition Keith Haring Fitness Court® and a commissioned work by Czech-American artist Michael Krondl (born 1960).

At an elevation of 7,800 feet, amid the foothills of Pikes Peak, Green Mountain Falls is an idyllic retreat, a short 20 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs and only a 90-minute drive from Denver. A special place of wonder, calm and refreshment, Green Mountain Falls celebrates beauty, builds authentic connections and welcomes visitors who share the values of fostering the arts in all its forms and protecting our natural environment. 

James Turrell’s Skyspace in Green Mountain Falls joins an exclusive list of more than 85 Skyspaces the artist has designed and built throughout the world, including in Argentina, Japan, Greece, Norway and Australia. The Skyspace in Green Mountain Falls is one of the few by Turrell that features a retractable roof, providing flexibility in case of inclement weather and the ability to conduct viewings during the day, in addition to the traditional sunrise and sunset shows. Distinctive and rewarding viewing experiences are offered when the roof is both open and closed.

Iconic American artist James Turrell is known for cultivating peaceful and powerful environmental works of art that focus on human perception. His interest in the physical presence of light and space derives in part from his Quaker heritage. Turrell’s autonomous Skyspaces, with ceiling apertures open to the sky, may be understood as creative observatories—a combination of architecture, sculpture and atmosphere perfectly positioned in nature.

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