Ocean Guardians is a new documentary by marine conservation nonprofit Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) that explores efforts to protect ocean life.

It depicts ocean life through the lens of five major threats currently impacting whales and dolphins: climate change, bycatch, unsustainable tourism, marine plastic pollution and vessel strikes with marine animals.

The documentary – the first film in PWF’s proposed series intended to showcase the nonprofit organization’s 40-plus years dedicated to marine-based research, education and conservation programs – premiered on World Ocean Day during the 6th Annual World Whale Film Festival, a carefully curated event that invokes the power of visual storytelling to promote awareness of identified threats facing marine environments and wildlife through film.

Created by PWF Documentary Filmmaker Selket Kaufman, Ocean Guardians highlights the nonprofit’s ongoing work to advance its mission to protect the ocean through science and advocacy and inspire environmental stewardship. The film, shot on location in Alaska and Maui, touches on the story of PWF’s efforts as told through Ohana, a humpback whale migrating across the Pacific with her newborn calf. The first-time mother becomes the voice of whales – past, present and future – as she discusses the tragedies her species has faced in the wild and the tireless work of those committed to protecting her kind. Accenting Ohana’s journey, Ocean Guardians invokes footage of researchers, scientists, activists as well as PWF’s late founder Greg Kaufman and present Executive Director Kristie Wrigglesworth to create a stirring message of empowerment, collaboration and change.

The World Whale Film Festival is an online program hosted annually by Pacific Whale Foundation. It runs through July 31, 2022, offering unlimited viewing of Ocean Guardians and other select films from the film festival. All proceeds from the event go towards PWF programs that help protect whales, dolphins and other marine life. Those interested in purchasing an online pass for the event can visit www.pacificwhale.org/filmfest/ to learn more about the festival.