The exhibition “Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs,” is open at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The exhibit transports you to the distant past to explore ancient Egyptian culture and the land of pharaohs.

Over 5,000 years ago, Egypt became a state that unified many cities and towns along the Nile River. Since then, ancient Egypt’s powerful pharaohs, phenomenal pyramids and extraordinary art have captivated people’s imagination all over the world.

Experience everyday life in one of the most storied cultures in human history—the private, public and secret spaces—through hundreds of artifacts, stunning artwork and engaging interactives for insights into ancient Egyptian people and their impact on our own culture.

“Ancient Egyptian culture is captivating for so many reasons: religious beliefs and practices, architecture and human capacity for engineering and construction, and the landscapes that support such rich and layered ways of life,” Senior Curator of Archaeology Stephen E. Nash said. “We hope guests will enjoy this exhibition and come away with an appreciation for this period of human history.”

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