Burrowing owls and prairie dogs at the San Diego Zoo are moving to their new “digs” in the Denny Sanford Wildlife Explorers Basecamp. Orb weaver spiders began spinning new webs, and other wildlife like Fijian iguanas, axolotls and dragon-headed katydids are now acclimating to their new habitats in preparation for the public opening on Friday, March 11, 2022.

Wildlife Explorers Basecamp is designed to bring guests and their families up close to nature, and offer interactive play opportunities on oversized, species-themed sculptures. This new area of the San Diego Zoo offers visitors special sensory elements for a multifaceted engagement approach, with microscopes and touch screens, plus animation and dynamic lighting installation in the new buildings.

Constructed on the site of the former Children’s Zoo, Wildlife Explorers Basecamp is designed to appeal to a broader audience while still maintaining its place in the hearts of young explorers. The common element underscoring the play and learning opportunities at Basecamp is nurturing the future caretakers of the planet.

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