One whitewater rafting company is giving a big shout-out to Mother Nature. January 2023 was a wet and snowy month over the Colorado River Watershed.

As a result, the snowpack in the Upper Colorado River Basin is 122.81% of the Feb. 13 average. This represents the second-highest recorded snowfall in the past 10 years. 
Late January weather in Grand Canyon National Park produced 2-3 feet of snow on the South Rim and 6-9 feet on the North Rim.
“While we still have a few months to go, this initial snowfall bodes well for a robust rafting season ahead on Utah rivers,” underscores Brandon Lake, co-owner and CMO of Western River Expeditions.
It’s been nearly a decade since a snowpack shed such an exuberant glow this early in the year. The twofold benefits of the snowpack are high water for river rafters and possible drought mitigation.
“Those who are booking our Cataract Canyon rafting trips for 2023 look like they may be in for an exciting whitewater adventure!” says Lake.

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