WHENMember previews:
Friday, November 10, through Sunday, November 12 Public Opening: Monday, November 13  
WHATThe Secret World of Elephants, a new exhibition opening this fall at the American Museum of Natural History, reveals new science about both modern and ancient elephants—including the titans of the Ice Age, mammoths, and mastodons—and highlights their extraordinary minds and senses, why they’re essential to the health of their ecosystems, and inspiring efforts to overcome threats to their survival. How do elephants “hear” with their feet, use the 40,000 muscles in their trunks, or reshape the forests and savannas they live in, creating an environment upon which many other species rely? Visitors will find answers to these questions and many more.   The Secret World of Elephants features fossils, casts, and life-size models—including a wooly mammoth, an African elephant, and an extinct dwarf elephant with a dwarf elephant calf—as well as videos and interactive exhibits that will introduce visitors to these massive mammals’ incredible abilities and the environmental challenges they face.  
WHEREThe American Museum of Natural History, 200 Central Park West
ADMISSIONTickets that include admission to The Secret World of Elephants start at $34 for adults, $20 for children (ages 3-12) and $27 for seniors and students. Timed-entry tickets are required and are available at amnh.org/tickets.