“THE TOKYO PASS -Culture” includes admissions to 39 public and private museums, art museums, gardens, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens and other cultural facilities.

A Tokyo Subway Ticket, which offers unlimited rides on all Tokyo subways, can be purchased as an added option, making it possible to tour Tokyo’s cultural facilities in comfort. Tickets cost 8,000 yen for two days and can be purchased from the official website, so you do not have to worry about the payment process no longer.

You can both use the transportation and enter the museum smoothly in a cashless and touchless manner by utilizing the pre-payment of the pass according to the number of days of use and the entry system that utilizes the dedicated application. Furthermore, through the content in the app, you can find helpful information about the facilities and cultural events in the city. ▶ https://www.mytokyopass.com/https://hs.mytokyopass.com/biz-en