Visit Topeka recently announced that a four-month-long Dinosaur exhibition is opening February 2022, dubbed “Topeka Dino Days.” 

The exhibit highlights include a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex specimen, a collection of dinosaur eggs and fossils from all over the world, and a full-size cast of an Allosaurus skeleton downtown. 

Visitors can see the fully articulated cast of SUE at Great Overland Station, the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex specimen ever discovered. On loan from Chicago’s Field Museum, the display will feature touchable fossil replicas, scent stations and a naturalistic soundscape, creating an immersive, multisensory experience. 

“As the icon of the Field Museum, SUE has sparked curiosity about science in millions of visitors,” said Jaap Hoogstraten, the Field Museum’s head of exhibitions. “We are thrilled to share SUE with Topeka for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”  

Full-size robotic dinosaurs will join wildlife at the Topeka Zoo, and the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center will provide colorful hands-on, interactive exhibits that will include a collection of real preserved herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaur eggs from all over the globe. Visit Topeka will host a full-size cast of an Allosaurus skeleton in the downtown visitors’ center, with help and underwriting from Downtown Topeka Inc. 

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