I’m in Italy with my daughter Reggie who just graduated from college. The trip is her graduation present. I know we’re crazy to head to Europe when everything costs twice as much. But Reggie only graduates from college once and she’s never been to Italy.

So here we are, traveling frugally. My only real splurge: private guides because I wanted to enjoy what we’re seeing and doing and not have my head buried in a guide book. I know some of you like leading the way. But since I do it so often, I’m glad to let someone else take the lead for once. I’m also glad for some one-on-one time with my older daughter who likely will be taking a job across the country. (She will be gone working the rest of the summer too.) So while everyone talks about scaling back their vacation plans because of gas prices, I’m saying as long as you can afford it, take the trip you most want to take with those you love most. The opportunity may not come again. And besides, there’s all that pizza and gelato….