VacayMyWay takes the confusion out of vacation rentals with a new, simplified vacation rental booking website. Founded on three principles – value, price transparency and open communication – provides travelers the opportunity to plan and book vacations with ease, without complexities and frivolous fees. 

“This is an immensely exciting day as we officially launch VacayMyWay following years of monumental planning, dedication and invaluable input from our team,” states Jim Stewart, CEO & Co-Founder. “VacayMyWay was created with the traveler in mind. Over the past years, our collective team of hosts and industry veterans has watched the vacation rental industry decline in customer service and become more complicated, overly profit centric and selfish. At VacayMyWay, our goal is to return to the fundamental joy of planning vacations by simplifying the process and eliminating excessive fee structures.” 

At launch, VacayMyWay offers travelers vacation rentals throughout North America, ranging from beach to mountain destinations. Vacation options showcased on VacayMyWay must be entire private accommodations (no shared spaces) containing at least one kitchenette and at least one full bathroom. Travelers may choose from beach or lake houses and bungalows to cabins and cottages and much more. The platform encourages hosts to meet it’s “Vacay Standard” of vacation rental criteria listed here. Additionally, VacayMyWay’s extensive list of features and amenities is designed to enable travelers to make the best vacation rental selection for their needs and preferences, eliminating surprises. Top markets include New Orleans, the Carolinas, Florida, the Pacific Northwest, Texas and Costa Rica with plans to enter the European market in 2022. 

Travelers and prospective hosts can discover more and sign up for updates at

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