Winter Park Resort in Colorado recently acknowledged and honored that the land on which it operates is the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Nookhose’iinenno (Northern Arapaho), Tsis tsis’tas (Cheyenne), and Nuuchu (Ute).

The resort recognizes and honors these Native Nations, their peoples, and their continued connection, as the original stewards of these lands and waters where we recreate today. It reaffirms and recognizes that connection both through our words here and our actions.

Winter Park Resort was founded as a place for all people to renew and refresh through mountain recreation and adventure. While we operate on what is currently designated as U.S. Forest Service land, we accept that our mission must encompass access to this land and include all people regardless of their gender, ancestral backgrounds, race, ethnicity or religion. This acknowledgment is the access and inclusion we must practice in recognizing our institutional and inherited history, responsibility, and commitment to this mandate.

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