Even if you choose the perfect destination for your family vacation and do all that you can to keep your kids entertained, such as visiting a theme park, inevitably, there will always be times when your children will start to grow bored. Whether you have to remain inside due to poor weather or the adults in your party simply want some relaxation time, here are some of the best activities that your kids can get stuck into during the spare hours of your vacation.

1. Diamond Painting

You might believe that arts and crafts are always messy and that they are unsuitable for doing on vacation in case your children end up losing you the deposit on your vacation home. However, diamond painting is oil and watercolor painting’s non-messy sibling, and, while there is no actual painting involved, can help your children to create vivid summer scenes using resin rhinestones. Then, to get your kids started with diamond art painting, you should consider looking around for the best diamond painting kits that are available. These allow your kids to create pictures of everything from their favorite animals to the most popular Disney characters.

2. Reading

During the school year, your children may only find the time to finish set reading or may struggle to focus on the books that you give them. However, with the summer vacation stretching ahead of them, they have few distractions to take their attention away from the adventures that can be found between the pages of a novel. Then, you should look at buying them summery reads that can help them to get in the mood for a vacation.

3. Board Games

What could be a better way to keep the kids entertained on vacation than an activity that the entire family can join in with? Board games are a great way to while away the evening after an exciting day out and about. Many vacation lets already have a range of board games on offer that your children can choose from. However, there are also many travel board games for sale that allow you to pack a miniature and more portable version of your favorite family game.

4. Puzzles and Jigsaws

When your kid is trying to complete a puzzle or a jigsaw, hours can pass without them even noticing. Many parents opt to buy their child an activity book before they head off for their vacation that your kids can return to again and again, and which can give your kids a range of different puzzles to work out. You might also consider opting to invest in a jigsaw for your child that can give them a more traditional type of vacation activity that can keep them away from screens and electronics for more than ten minutes at a time.

Entertaining your kids on vacation can be difficult. However, with the right activities, you will keep the strain off yourself and ensure that you can help them have the best vacation ever.