It’s that time of year again. Snowmobilers are hitting the trail now that the seasons are changing. According to the latest outlook from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the 2021-2022 winter season is expected to be wetter than normal with low temperatures across the northern tip of the nation and above-average temperatures in the south. That should make for good snowmobile riding in certain parts of the country.

Before you hit a local national park or wilderness area, remember that you need anywhere from 4 to 12 inches of snow to safely run a snowmobile. Check the local weather to make sure there’s enough powder on the ground for a great trip.

Photo: Konstantin Zaykov
Photo: Konstantin Zaykov

With this information in mind, we researched some of the best places to go snowmobiling in the U.S this winter. Regardless of which state you call home, you should be able to find some nicely packed powder on a trail new you. Grab a skiing communication device to stay in touch with your companions and add these destinations to your winter travel list.

Yellowstone National Park, Montana

Every outdoors enthusiast has Yellowstone written on their bucket list. Seeing the park in the winter is arguably better than visiting in the summer. You can skip the crowd and see all the famous sights from the comfort of your snowmobile. On the edge of Idaho and Wyoming, the park is bursting with scenic snowmobile trails and valleys that are perfect for cruising. You won’t find a lot of steep cliffs and tight turns here. Just open areas with expansive views of the wilderness. It’s a great spot for a vacation or a day trip, depending on where you live.

Mount Snow, Vermont

If you live in the Northeast, head on up to Mount Snow to see the best of the Green Mountains. The area has become a beacon for snowmobile enthusiasts. The park offers guided tours that weave through the Vermont State trail system. You can also go it alone if you feel like traveling at your own pace. It offers a great mix of dense forests, high peaks, and lush valleys for you to explore. Spend the night at the Lodge at Mount Snow for a true mountain experience. As one of the very first ski resorts on the East Coast, the park offers a lighthearted experience for riders of all ages.

Photo: Alex Suvoro
Photo: Alex Suvoro

Herber City, Utah

Head east of Salt Lake City and you will find one of the best kept secrets in the snowmobiling community. Heber City is a small town that offers some of the best trails in the area. It features over 200 miles of freshly packed trails for you to explore. Be sure to hit Strawberry Valley along the way, a 20-mile route perfect for snowmobilers. There is a giant reservoir in the middle, giving rider expansive views of the area. You can always spend the night at the Daniels Summit Lodge for a good night’s sleep.

St. Germain, Wisconsin

Anyone in the Midwest will love a trip to the Black Bear Lodge in Northern Wisconsin. The area is teeming with frozen lakes and ponds, just make sure the ice is thoroughly frozen before you cruise ahead. You will see plenty of action along the way, including remote forests, active wildlife, and other winter lovers enjoying their time outdoors. The lodge tends to be popular with ice fishers and cross-country skiers. But the park is so large that you might not run into anyone along the way. Choose from a range of luxurious cabins and rooms to make the most of your stay.

Black Bear is known for its signature Bo-Boen Snowmobile trails, run by the Bo-Boen Club, a group of volunteers that maintain the trails year-round. Crews use various equipment, including the Tucker Terra Sno-Cat, New Holland Tractor, and Arrowhead & Snoboss Drags, to clear the trails of various debris. We all know that riding conditions can change on a dime in the winter as storms come and go. If you’re looking for a well curated snowmobile experience, this is the park for you.

Photo: Taras Hipp
Photo: Taras Hipp

If you plan on hitting the slopes this winter, make sure you have everything you need to make the most of your trip. It’s best to use snowmobile helmet communicators while riding, so you can quickly place a call or look up directions without taking your hands off the handlebars. You never know when you might have to contact the authorities for help, especially when you’re exploring a rural area. The device fits into your existing helmet. Just pop it in before your trip to keep in touch.

You can shop for Bluetooth ski helmet speakers based on the make and model of your helmet.

Bring along plenty of layers, a paper map of the trails, and your phone or radio in case of an emergency. Give yourself some extra peace of mind this winter by preparing for the journey ahead. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when you’re in a new area and the weather is less than hospitable.

Keep these destinations in mind to make Winter 2021 the best season yet.