Honoring her late father, author E.F. House has released her newest book, “A Day with Papa LeRoy: The Dance Lesson.”

In “A Day with Papa LeRoy,” House shares the story of Emily and her grandfather, Papa LeRoy, as he teaches her skills and life lessons.

“I wanted to write about my own childhood experiences,” House said. “The memory of my dad teaching me how to dance is special to me, and I want to share that positive experience with new generations.”

As Papa LeRoy teaches Emily how to dance, she puts her feet on top of his shoes as he moves his feet with the music. She carries the memory of that moment with her as she dances during special occasions later in life, like her wedding day and when she has a child of her own.

After learning from Emily, her son expresses that he hopes to be able to pass the lesson along to his own daughter one day.

“This lesson is one that can connect generations,” House said. “Learning to dance brings Papa LeRoy and Emily closer together, and in turn, helps Emily have a special moment with her son later in life. Readers can experience that same bond with their own family members.”

House plans to continue sharing Emily and Papa LeRoy’s adventures in future books, all based on real life experiences.
Available at Archway Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble