A trip to Turkey is something the whole family will enjoy because his region is the most amazing, family-friendly destination that some maybe haven’t considered yet. Upon your arrival, people are first amazed by Turkey’s warm hospitable atmosphere, pristine beaches, nice weather, affordability, and the family-friendly resorts are difficult to beat.

Kids will love unique new experiences, while parents can relax and recharge. The coastal region is seemingly the most popular family destination since it holds the largest number of resorts to choose from. Furthermore, your children will be able to learn more about a new culture, and you can explain to them in advance what to expect from this adventure. Turks also really love children and will happily entertain the little ones. 

Where do I go? 

There are many family-friendly destinations in Turkey, but most popular are Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya, and Fethiye. The best way to explore them is by going on a private family cruise. This type of holiday is an adventure that can even get fancy if you choose the family luxury cruising options, but it can also be quite affordable. However, if that is not your thing and you rather wish to have your two feet firmly on the ground, Antalya, Marmaris, and Bodrum have many large resorts that are 

What do to pack?

You don’t need to worry about certain details regarding kids’ necessities like nappies, bottles, wet-wipes, bug repellant are all available… Even if you forget to pack something there are many supermarkets stocked with all the basics for easy traveling with kids. Since Turkey is also known for its lively markets, the best thing is to purchase fresh food and make dishes from scratch or you can visit one of the many restaurants. Make sure to pack light clothing if traveling during summer, while things like toiletries can be found in shops or resort. The best advice is that you bring the basics, and avoid overpacking because there is truly no need for it.

What to do there?

 There are numerous activities for all ages in Turkey. You may choose activities, visits to historical sites, relaxing beach, enjoying watersports, golf, paragliding, water-skiing… depending on your fitness level, kids age and general preferences, you can really find anything you are interested in. Turkey is also one of the most historical countries in the world with a long history that tells a story about past times and great civilizations. If you want to take it easy, relaxing in the resorts and beaches that are sandy and long it is your best choice. Beaches are also suitable for children, but parents should of course always keep an eye on them. Transportation, in general, is well arranged so you can easily travel around areas of your stay.


Gentle Turkish people, amazing climate, delicious food are all enough reasons why Turkey is the best destination for adventure-filled holidays for the whole family! Decide what your wishes and preferences are and start planning early so you don’t miss out on the best vacation of your life.

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