Room at Conrad Tokyo's Mizuki Spa

Room at Conrad Tokyo’s Mizuki Spa

By Eileen Ogintz

TOKYO (DAY ONE OF TWO) — Who knew a spa treatment could help cure jet lag? I’ve just flown from Denver to Tokyo, with a stopover in Seattle, and by the time I arrive at the Conrad Tokyo I don’t even know what day it is – in fact it is as if I’ve been awake for two days as Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of home in Connecticut.

The 290 room Conrad Tokyo is not far from the famous Ginza; I look out of my window at Tokyo Bay. The hotel seamlessly mixes Japanese design with Western comfort.

The Mizuki Spa is the one of the largest spas of its kind in Tokyo and boasts Tokyo’s only true Hinoki bath. Treatments are inspired by the moon and the water. The idea is when the moon and water meet, they create a world of calm and restore life balance and well-being. I could use some of that as I’m so tired and my body clock so off I can barely get out a coherent sentence.

Swimming Pool at Conrad Tokyo

Swimming Pool at Conrad Tokyo

I start in the steam which always is one of my favorite parts of the spa experience. There are pools too but I’m content to wait with some green tea for my treatment. I’ve never been in a spa treatment room with such a spectacular city view outside.

“Relax,” the therapist says and I’m glad to do just that as she works all the kinks out of my shoulders, back and neck. I nearly fall asleep right on the table. This Mizuki Body treatment, I learn later, is designed to restore your energy and help you adjust your energy and restore your body clock with deep oil massage that loosens my muscles.

I don’t know how she does it—I just know I feel 1000 times better when she’s done.

After that, a cup of black bean tea would help complete my well-being, the therapist assured me

It did. I’ve got my Jet Lag cure…all I need to make sure is the first hotel on my next overseas trip has a spa like this one.