Check out this Parent From Heart by Cecile Baltasar. It’s written from the perspective of a new mother who strives to balance new motherhood and self-care.

“Before I became a wife and mom, I was a free spirit,” she writes. “On days off from work, I took random road trips and stopped at places where I’d never been. I spent the day exploring, eating unfamiliar (but delicious) food, and discovering the local culture. Later on, my husband joined me on these spontaneous trips.

“After I became a mother, though, all this stopped. I had to be an adult and do responsible things. My list of desires got longer but I quashed it down because I thought that was the right thing to do as a mom.

Regardless of how you are raising your kids, it’s vital for every mom to take care of herself, as well. The following can give you a clue on the ‘luxuries’ mommies give up when they enter motherhood.”