According to the USA Today, Boutique hotels are characterized by their peculiar style. They distinguish themselves from a larger chain of hotels by providing personalized services, magnificent ambience, latest technology, designer furnishings, attention to detail, etc. Since these hotels offer personalized attention, they are perfect for a whole family. So you don’t have to worry about bringing along your children when you are planning to stay in one of them. 

That said, here are some of the reasons why a boutique hotel, such as the Condor Hotel is kid friendly.

  1. Unique services

Staying at a boutique hotel means that you and your kids will get an experience that you can never experience anywhere. This type of hotel is very unique; it’s one of a kind, what it offers to travelers; both young and old, cannot be replicated elsewhere.

2. Personalized services

Staying in a boutique hotel offers you an amazing experience since you and your children will receive personalized services. The fact that boutique hotels have few guests staying in the facility makes it easier for the management to cater to you and your kids’ needs. If you or your kids want any other unique service, they will always provide them for you. 

Upscale design

Although traditional, larger hotels offer basic design and aesthetic, a boutique hotel boasts extraordinary architecture, that’s unlike other hotels you may have visited in the past with your family. This makes boutique hotels an excellent place to take memorable photos with your children.

Great location

Since boutique hotels are small in size, most of them are located in the heart of the city. Their smaller size is less disruptive, meaning they don’t need to be on the outskirts like resorts. Boutique hotels are usually closets to shopping, dining, kids’parks, etc. This makes it easier for the children to have more fun at the parks or shop around.


A boutique hotel is an independent business, which allows for more creativity in its rules. Generally, boutique hotels have accommodations that chain hotels don’t have. An example of such accommodation is letting guests come with their pets. Pet-friendly hotels offer a caring environment for both animals and people. So if your child is against the idea of living behind his or her pet at home while going on holiday, he can bring the pet because boutique hotels welcome pets as well. 

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