Do your children belong to the millions of people who simply can’t seem to be drawn in by trampolines, even though you have one at home? Are you looking for innovative approaches to pique their interest in jumping and having fun on their trampoline? Search no further.

To help you, we will explore several creative ideas that parents can employ to get their kids jumping with enthusiasm. From trampoline games and activities to outdoor exploration, there are many ways to get your kids bouncing quickly. So grab a snack and join us as we bounce into an adventure.

Below are some of the best ways to get your kids excited about trampoline playtime:

Create an Obstacle Course

Have you been searching for new ways to spice up trampoline playtime for your kids? Look no further than creating an obstacle course. You can build a fun and challenging circuit for your kids to bounce and stumble through with a few toys and items like Frisbees and hula hoops.

The best part? With Vuly trampolines, they can safely take on this new challenge without worrying about falls or injuries. Watch them jump, flip, and giggle through an exciting obstacle course that will keep them entertained and active for hours on end.

Have Outdoor Exploration Day

Looking for a fun and engaging activity for your kids? Why not have an Outdoor Exploration Day? Get outside and start exploring the world around you. Encourage your kids to use their senses to discover new things in your yard or neighbourhood.

Let them run around and have fun with the trampoline. Jumping up to catch leaves as they fall from the trees or trying to spot animals in nearby bushes can be a thrilling adventure. It’s a great way to get fresh air, exercise, and have family fun.

Set Up Races and Contests

Setting up races and contests is a great way to get your kids excited about trampoline playtime. Make a fun challenge for them that requires overcoming an obstacle or task while bouncing on a trampoline.

There are countless options, such as playing tag with friends, completing an obstacle course, or making as many unassisted leaps as you can. They’ll like it, and competing with one another will allow them to develop their coordination, agility, and balance. The whole family will also enjoy competing to complete the job quickly or creatively.

Have a Dance Party

Nothing beats a good dance party to liven up trampoline playtime. Play fun music, then get the kids jumping and bouncing around. Add in some choreography and creative moves that everyone can learn together. You can even incorporate themes like superheroes or princesses to keep things exciting. 

It’s a great method to get kids moving and develop coordination, balance, and social skills. It’s also a fun way to bond as a family. With the right music and a few silly dance moves, you can turn a regular jumping session into an exciting adventure that all the kids will love.

Add Water Activities

Water and trampolines make for a winning combination. Add some water activities to your trampoline playtime and watch the fun unfold. Fill up buckets of water, or attach water guns to the edges of the trampoline with zip ties. 

You can set up water fights, target practice games, or even have races to see who can jump from one end of the trampoline to the other without getting wet.Your kids will be engaged and excited by this exercise. It’s a fantastic way to escape the summertime heat. Just make sure to stock up on plenty of spare towels. Your kids will have a blast while not having to worry about cleanup.

Make it a Movie Night

If you’re looking for an evening activity, why not turn your trampoline playtime into a movie night? Gather everyone around the TV or projector screen and settle in to watch a classic family flick. Grab some blankets and cushions, cook munchies, and pop popcorn.

The ability to bounce on the trampoline while watching a movie with the entire family will be a hit with your youngsters. This is a very original and fun way to spend time with someone. So let them have a movie night full of bounce with their loved ones.


Trampolines are a great way to get kids of all ages excited and engaged in physical activity. By making different bounce activities, like obstacle courses or games like runs, kids can have fun and get exercise at the same time.

With the right guidance and safety measures, you can ensure your family has a lot of fun together. So why not grab some friends and Bounce into Adventure today? Happy bouncing!