A memorable experience, cutting a holiday tree is a special tradition to share with family and friends while helping to maintain a healthy forest. For many families, venturing into the forest to cut a Christmas tree for the holidays is a treasured tradition carried on for generations, while others may just be discovering the thrill of searching for the perfect holiday centerpiece.

For every tree that is found, cut and carried home as a holiday fixture, you’re also contributing to the overall forest health. Christmas tree permits are a unique opportunity for citizens to help thin densely populated stands of small-diameter trees – the perfect size for a Christmas tree.

How It Works

Purchase your Christmas tree permit in advance of your visit to the forest in your area. Use this site to purchase your permit, follow tips and guidelines for the cutting area, and ensure you are prepared for a safe and fun forest adventure.

A person in a red snow jacket carries a freshly cut Christmas tree through the snow

Choose Your Forest

Determine which participating forest works best for your Christmas tree outing. Each forest will have specific guidelines and season dates for cutting a holiday tree.

Get the Details

Be safe and prepared. Carefully read the details and rules of your permit, and follow the Need to Know suggestions to prepare for your visit.

Buy a Permit

Purchase and print your permit so you’re ready to find your perfect holiday tree.

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