Nothing beats spending some quality time with family in a destination away from home. Sadly, not many people know how to choose activities that both adults and children can enjoy. There are dozens of activities out there, a great deal of which don’t need any prior experience, so it’s all about doing your research and planning ahead. Check out these ideas if you are looking for conventional, tried-and-tested ideas:

1.    Boating

The good thing about boating is that there is more than one activity you can do on your vessel. You can fish, swim, or engage in watersports such as surfing or wakeboarding. All you need to do is get the right equipment for your activity of choice. Also, make sure to equip your vessel with a shade if you expect rain or plan to go boating under the hot summer sun. Stryker T-Tops offers a great range of T-tops to suit different boat types as well as quality and aesthetic preferences.

2.    Road trip

If there is a route you have always wanted to take but haven’t gotten the time for it, then perhaps you should finally tick it off the bucket list. A good road trip is one that is based on a comprehensive plan and a proper understanding of the route. You need to be familiar with the weather along the way and know your stops ahead of time. You should also brace up for breakdowns and emergencies and know how you will get around them.

3.    Go camping

Surrounding yourselves with nature and making small talk with family around a campfire may seem like a tame idea until you try it. Everything about camping can be fun — from pitching your tent to exploring the jungle and trying out activities such as camping and fishing. It’s all down to how well you choose your destination and the availability of proper camping equipment.

4.    Go hiking

A fantastic low-impact workout for people of all ages, hiking has been shown to offer a myriad of mental and physical health benefits. It improves endurance, reduces anxiety, prevents osteoporosis, and provides a platform for learning and understanding nature. When hiking with kids, ensure to carry a navigation map, sunscreen, sunglasses, extra clothing, first-aid supplies, insulation, fire, clean drinking water, and emergency shelter.

5.    Do volunteer work

There’s fun in helping. If you are operating on a budget or just want to try out something special, consider scanning through your community for volunteer works. Popular options include senior center and animal sanctuary visits. The benefit of this is that it will help your children learn empathy and compassion and ensure they appreciate the privileges they have.


It is not always easy finding a single activity to please all family members on a weekend getaway. However, involving everyone in the planning phase can help you come up with a one-size-fits-all idea. The above tips activities are great for a non-picky family and anyone looking for quick ideas.