Families can now take  a thrilling fossil-hunting adventure along England’s Jurassic Coast with GeoCultura’s exciting 2-night tour this June.

GeoCultura’s expert guides lead your family through the picturesque landscapes of Lyme Regis, renowned for its fossil-rich shores. Spend your days exploring the coastline, uncovering ancient treasures hidden beneath the surface.

Then, on day two, venture to the renowned Etches Collection Museum, home to the impressive giant pliosaur skull recently featured in David Attenborough’s BBC documentary. This immersive experience promises fun and learning for all ages as you delve into the fascinating world of paleontology.

Prefer a longer journey? GeoCulturz’s April/May and September tours of Southern England tour also include fossil-hunting excursions and visits to the Etches Collection museum, offering even more opportunities for discovery. Plus, with the option for private tours tailored to your family’s preferences, GeoCultura ensures a personalized and unforgettable vacation experience. Join us on the Jurassic Coast for a journey through time and adventure! the shorter tour in June Jurassic Coast.

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