Historic Grapevine TX wants you for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. Grapevine’s prime location within the path of totality will give visitors quite a view of the celestial event. As the moon aligns perfectly with the sun, darkness will cover the city, creating an awe-inspiring atmosphere. Families can gather in Grapevine’s parks, the Historic Main Street District or Historic Nash Farm to witness this extraordinary event and share the excitement with fellow eclipse enthusiasts.

To add to the ambience, themed music will be playing throughout the Historic Main Street District allowing guests to be fully immersed in this historic moment. Guests will also have the opportunity to take pictures with costumed galactic characters.

Many local businesses and eateries are also getting in on the fun. Several are offering galactic-themed food and drink items, allowing guests to immerse themselves in this experience. Some of those specials include:

  • Harvest Hall | Specialty Cocktail – Blackout Sour
  • Weinberger’s Deli | The Blackout Sandwich
  • Bacchus | Eclipse Burger, Nocturne Dessert & Specialty Cocktails: Man on the Moon, Inferno Sunset
  • Hotel Vin | Blackout Dinner, Black Glass Wine Tasting, Power Lunch/Viewing Party on the Wine Yard
  • Son of a Butcher | Solar Eclipse Shake, Galactic Slider

Grapevine is also offering a unique VIP Watch Party Experience for this once-in-a-generation event. VIP access to Peace Plaza gives guests a front-row seat to live, themed music that amplifies the magic of the moment. Enjoy delicious food and drinks with a $60 card to use at Harvest Hall. VIP tickets also include a swag bag valued at $275 filled with exclusive eclipse souvenirs. Secure your spot now and witness the eclipse in unforgettable style. Tickets are selling fast so get yours now at grapevinetexasusa.com/eclipse, as space is limited.