It’s great to find clothes and shoes that are not only made sustainably but are also comfortable. Take Chaco sandals, long favorites for rafters, hikers and those kicking back somewhere sunny and warm.

The new Women’s Z/Cloud offer pillow-top comfort, adjustable straps and the ChacoGrip rubber outsole, with a top layer for cushioning ($100).

Chaco Women's Cloud Z sandal
Chaco Women’s Cloud Z sandal

I also like  the ultra-light  Women’s Chillos Slide that are  way more comfortable than flip flops.  That’s because they are engineered  with contoured arch-support for healthy alignment—perfect for the beach, travel, campsite, post work out and more. I love all the color options. They even float!

Chacos Women’s Chillos Slide sandal
Chacos Women’s Chillos Slide sandal

Since the company’s beginning in 1989, products have been designed to be rugged, durable and repairable. The webbings are now made of recycled chips from recycled plastic. Recycled bottles are collected, chopped in to flake which is melted and turned into recycled chip. The chips are than  transformed into fibers that are spun to make the famous Chaco webbing.

Nice to support a company that takes sustainability seriously!