When we’re traveling, we often get sucked up into where and when we’re doing fun activities and seeing incredible sights, yet we always need a place to stay! Instead of being nervous about where you’ll end up at night, plan and find a fantastic hotel room you can enjoy.

Here are the top ways to find a great place to stay.

Consider Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rental sites like Airbnb can be a fantastic option for travelers on a budget who want to live like a local.  Living in Woodland apartments for a week can feel far more authentic than staying in a motel on the side of the road.  On top of authenticity, many short-term rentals are cheaper and have more perks and privacy than hotel rooms.

Check Out Google Reviews

Google reviews are fantastic for looking around at businesses in any area!  Look at reviews on most companies, from both locals and travelers, and try to find a local that speaks to you.  Pay attention to the number of studies instead of the number of stars, since a place with a thousand reviews and 4.7 stars is more trustworthy than a place with two thoughts that are both five stars.

Don’t Ignore Hostels!

Many only consider hostels for when they’re backpacking across a foreign country, and even then, they see it as an extreme discount and budget accommodation.  Instead of feeding into this, consider the hostels in your location.  Many are extraordinarily nice, you have a better chance at meeting other travelers you can befriend, and the rates are far lower than the average apartment or Airbnb.  Even if you want a private room, most hostels can offer this at an extraordinarily affordable rate.

Pay Attention to Where Your Activities Will be

Look at where in the country or city you’ll be spending most of your time during your visit.  Try to get your rental or hotel room as close to this location as possible.  Although it’s fun to explore, you’ll save money on transit, and you can still explore this area!  It’s far more fun when you can walk a couple of miles to an exhibit that you want to see!

If the location you want to spend most of your time in doesn’t have many accommodations nearby, but you know it’s incredibly popular, look for lodging that includes travel to your destination.  Many hotels will shuttle visitors to the most popular spots in their cities.

Budget for Everything

Budgeting is more than just ensuring that you save money: it’s also ensuring that you have enough to cover the fun and luxury you want to enjoy. So before your trip, ensure that you’re budgeting for everything from how much your lodging will be, how much you can spend a day on food, and how much you want to spend on transit.  If you plan carefully, you may afford nicer lodging or realize you can extend your stay by a couple of days!