Traveling with a big group may seem like the ideal way to go.  A large crowd means there will always be a group to get up and go, and there will always be people around who like to hang back.  Sounds perfect, right?  Wrong.

There is a yin and yang when it comes to large-group travel.  So, take time to lay the foundation if you are going to partake in a big group trip.

What does this foundation look like?  Great question.  Take a look at the cornerstones for a successful group trip.

Choose a Leader(s)

It’s always best to have a point person—someone who is organized and who can delegate.  If one person doesn’t want to run the entire show, create committees.  Put someone in charge of accommodations, another person in charge of food, etc.

The key is to play to people’s strengths.  Don’t put an indecisive person in charge of calling the shots.  It will backfire, and your trip will never get off the ground—literally. 

The most crucial part is finding someone who can make a plan and develop a structured way for the group to make decisions.  Without strong leadership, it will be hard to manage a big group.

Set a Budget

Talking money with people can get weird.  So, before you get too far into the planning phase, set a budget so that no one feels awkward.  You want your trip to be an enjoyable experience, not something someone is silently stressing about.  Besides, you don’t want to waste time shopping outside of your budget.  It will only frustrate those in charge.

Set the budget and make it clear right away.  It will save you significant headaches later on.

Balance Planned Activities with Downtime

When you are with a group, you don’t want to over plan.  Odds are people will think they want to try some excursion, and they might change their minds when they get with a crowd. 

For this reason, it’s wise to have some planned activities balanced with some downtime.  Instead of over-planning every minute of the day, try to plan some theme days, seafood dinners, cookout, etc.  Keep things moving, but simple. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Split Up

Just because you all go together doesn’t mean you have to spend every minute together.  Don’t be afraid to split-up and do some things in small groups.  Get with people who have similar interests, and do some things you all will enjoy.  And encourage others to do the same.  


It doesn’t matter if your group trip is business searching for Bellevue real estate or one for pure fun. There is so much planning involved with a group trip.  If you don’t do the legwork, your trip could end up a nightmare.  

On the contrary, if you take some time to put things in order and make plans, expectations, and options clear to your group, it can be one of the best trips of your life. 

So, make sure you find the right person to step up and take charge.  Just make sure that you give the person running the show a big thanks when you get where you are going.

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