takingthekidscom-shutterstock_207855547-57f631ba43388 Surely, the best way to save more as you are looking to book a hotel is to avoid it in general and choose other, more budget-friendly options. However, this might get extremely difficult to do, especially if you are traveling with the whole family and small children – after all, hotels can provide you with a lot of amenities which will help you and your kids have the best time there possible.

Here are some tips how you can make even the priciest hotels more affordable for you. Keep them in mind the next time you travel and save tons of money easily and quickly.

Don’t forget your budget

Knowing what you want and what you can spend is the must if you are traveling. Don’t try to book the most expensive room in a hotel just because you wish for it – after the trip, you will have to deal with debt for a few months, and those few nights won’t be so pleasant after all. So no matter where you are going, always begin your travel plans by strictly deciding how much you feel comfortable spending and if you really can spend that much.

takingthekidscom-shutterstock_242969527-57f631ba4ec35Go full package

Some travel agencies can help you out too by offering full package deals which include hotel rooms, car rentals and plane tickets all for one price. It is definitely the easiest way to plan the trip and can save you tons of time. Moreover, some agencies offer discounts if you are a loyal customer, so it pays off to travel this way for sure.

Go off-season

One of the easiest ways to save money is to plan your trip somewhere off-season. Usually, the peak season in many countries is summer then tourists flock from all over the world, and hotel room prices boost radically. By simply choosing to travel somewhere in the fall, for example, at September or October, you can drastically decrease the costs, since hotels are desperate to fill up their rooms – and that means lower prices. Furthermore, you can always use specific discount codes and drop those prices even lower, in this case, Hotwire.com comes as a real helper here, they periodically post exclusive codes on this site.

Check what is included

It is also worth paying attention of what you are buying and what you will get. One of the first things to consider is food and transportation fees, which might increase your spendings, wanted it or not. So, while booking a hotel, check if it also offers free breakfasts, free Wi-Fi, transportation to an airport and so on, and don’t forget to use these amenities. Some hotels even offer free nanny services too! Otherwise, you will spend money where you can get it all for free.

Be brave!

Finally, be a courageous and self-confident traveler and embrace the so-called “auction” trick while booking hotel rooms. How to do it? Well, make a hotel reservation at first (for free) and after a while call the hotel next door directly by asking if they have some cheaper rooms than at the hotel you initially booked. If the hotel manager is smart, he or she will instantly give you better rates. After that, call the hotel you booked first and tell “the news.” If they are smart – they will make you an excellent price cut off too. And this is how you do it! However, keep in mind that it might not always work, and you really need to be brave to cheat like this.

The post was written based on reference from ChameleonJohn Blog Post located here.