Thailand is one of the most vibrant, fun-loving, and beautiful countries in the world. The country is not only known for its mesmerizing beauty but also its nightlife and fantastic beach parties. These parties are for the localities as well as for the tourists. The Full moon parties are another attractive feature of this place. The heart-throbbing music, the artificial lights, and the people around make these parties more amazing. This is one of the dream places for all party lovers. The full moon parties are held in Koh Phangan.

How is the fun full moon party in Thailand different from others?

The full moon parties are different from the other parties because these parties are held only once in a month in the full moon nights. These parties are held on the beaches where people dance, drink, and enjoy themselves under the sky. These parties are loved and attended by tourists. People travel from Krabi to Phuket to attend these parties in the full moon nights and enjoy themselves. These parties have now grown huge like carnivals and have become famous all over the world. Almost 3000 to 5000 people attend these full moon parties every month.

Some tips to maximize your enjoyment at the full moon parties

The party begins as night falls. The party headers start to arrive at the parties by 9 pm. The parties are held till 2 am. On special days such as Christmas Eve, New Year eve, these parties continue till early morning.

  • Avoid drugs – One of the essential tips of surviving the Full moon parties is to avoid drugs. In Thailand, drugs are considered illegal, yet a lot of drugs are sold in these parties. So try to avoid these.
  • Try to avoid skipping on a rope on fire – Often people are seen to jump with the ropes which are on fire. These are mere stupidity since most people are either tired or are drunk, and accidents might cause easily.
  • Keep yourself hydrated – The weather of the beach is hot and humid. Even though people drink yet drinking water is essential to keep the body hydrated. Drinking water also helps to avoid hangover a lot.
  • Try to keep away from the ocean – People tend to play in the waters after getting drunk. This brings a lot of chances for accidents – the rate of drowning increases in these nights. Therefore it is always suggested to remain away from the water during these parties or after getting drunk
  • Keep a check on the personal belongings – It is always suggested to take fewer things to the full moon parties. People tend to lose their stuff in the parties, so it is recommended to take as less as possible to the full moon parties to avoid theft or any kind of mishaps.

The full moon parties are considered as the biggest parties in the world. A lot of tourists from different parts of the world visit Thailand to enjoy these parties. But one must be careful while enjoying the parties.

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