While vacationing, you want a reprieve from daily worries. If your finances aren’t in How to Manage Stress-Free Travel shape, you will struggle to enjoy anything you do while traveling. It’s not enough to be able to afford your trip, you want to have the finances to enjoy yourself while there and not face months of credit card bills when you get home.

One trick to free up some money each month is taking your existing student loan balance and refinancing through a private lender. Refinancing your private loans allows you to lower your monthly expenses. You can dedicate that money to your travel fund and pay for your trip on a cash basis.

Refinancing is a quick and painless process. You can get the information you need and compare rates online and have a decision on your refinance in as little as 60 seconds. Set aside the money you save in a high-yield savings account earmarked for your trip.

Traveling can be pricey, but planning allows you to manage the expenses responsibly. Balancing free and paid activities, eating some meals in your accommodations, and traveling at less busy times are all common tricks to make your vacation more affordable. However, taking the time to free up some monthly cash to direct specifically toward your trip ensures you have what you need to enjoy yourself, stress-free.