The average person gets one vacation in a year, and often people will elect to spend it getting as far away from home as possible.  Although this is thrilling and fun, the reality of baggage costs and lugging everything around can come crashing down and ruin the mood.  It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of vacation and lose track of what you’re packing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be this way!

Here’s how you can pack efficiently for any trip and get everything you need in fewer bags!

What You Pack

The average person overpacks because they aren’t sure what to expect.  This could mean that while flying in to look at Calgary homes for sale, they pack a swimsuit despite being as inland as possible.  Others will pack enough clothes to have three outfit changes a day and then wear maybe a quarter of them.

A simple guideline for the number of clothes you bring depends on how long you intend to stay and whether you have access to a washer and dryer.  For a four-day stay, the average person only needs two to four pairs of pants, four underwear pairs, and four to five shirts of varying dressiness.  On top of this, one pair of pajamas and one sweater or jacket can be nice to keep you warm.  You can bring the shoes you wear to travel and avoid packing others unless they’re flip-flops.

How You Pack

Although you may think folding is the most efficient way to make room in your luggage, that’s not entirely right.  Folded clothing allows room for air, which takes up more space.  Instead, you can compress your clothing by rolling it up. An excellent way to utilize this is to roll each day’s outfit into one roll and compact them down into your bag.  This plan makes getting dressed more straightforward and saves space.

Things You Shouldn’t Leave Out

Ensure that you bring all of the essentials necessary.  If you have daily medication, pack that first.  Afterward, remember toiletries (in small travel containers!) and any important documents you might need.  If you’re traveling somewhere with a lot of sunlight, bring sunscreen, and if you’re heading out to camp, bring bug spray to keep mosquitoes off of you.

If you’re not sure if you’ve packed everything you need, consider the area’s terrain.  It’s also a good idea to always pack a spare phone charger in case of emergencies.

Things You Should Leave At HomeAlthough you may think you need every self-care piece you use in your daily life, you don’t have to bring your entire bathroom.  Focus on gathering your necessary items, and don’t go overboard.  If you think you’ve got too much, you can check this by seeing if all of your toiletries can sit on a single plate.  This might sound weird, but in practice, it ensures that you have enough room to fit these onto a small hotel bathroom counter so that you can use them.