I admit it. I turn into a witch the night before a trip. I’m so worried about forgetting something that I make everyone in the family crazy. And I over pack like crazy. But not anymore. Not with airlines starting to charge for checking even one bag!

There’s never been a better time to pack smarter and pack less. Besides, no matter how much I pack, I always forget the essential thing I need — a rain jacket, Bandaids, a fleece for unexpected cold weather. I’ve talked to lots of friends and people I’ve met traveling who say they wouldn’t check a bag no matter how long they’ll be gone.

There is that matter of the20,000-plus thousands of pieces of luggage getting lost every day! So here’s my new philosophy. Less is more…Quick dry fabrics rule…nothing goes in the bag that doesn’t go with everything else—including shoes.

Besides, who will care but me if I wear the same thing the entire trip (washing it along the way, of course). Tell that to your teenage daughter! But also tell her she’ll have to pay out of her souvenir money for that overweight or second checked bags! Can you go on a family trip with just carryon bags? Let me know how you manage. By the way, no worries about checking a stroller — they don’t count, the airlines say.