The Denver Museum of Nature & Science presents two new temporary exhibitions — Wild Color and Mysteries of the Ice Ages — and three films now playing on the giant screen at the Infinity Theater.

Wild Color, opening on Nov. 17, celebrates the vibrant and untamed beauty of the natural world, showcasing a diverse collection of vivid flora and fauna. Wander through rooms, each dedicated to a hue from the rainbow and grasp the profound roles colors play in the natural world. From the mystery of creatures that change color to shades that the human eye can’t perceive, Wild Color promises to be a transformative experience for all.

Mysteries of the Ice Ages allows visitors to step back in time, unearthing stories of ice, ancient adaptations and the creatures and cultures that thrived during some of Earth’s coldest periods. Guests will be welcomed by hundreds of intriguing artifacts and fossils, immersive models and state-of-the-art interactive experiences. Exhibition now open.

The Infinity Theater is now playing three new films:

Secrets of the Sea in 3D — From enchanting pygmy seahorses to majestic manta rays, discover the mesmerizing “Secrets of the Sea” as you plunge into a world of intricate connections between creatures and the health of our oceans.

Antarctica 3D — Explore the untouched mysteries of “Antarctica,” narrated by the Academy Award-nominated actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, and experience the wonders of life in our planet’s frozen frontier.

Ancient Caves 3D — Dive into the depths of “Ancient Caves” and explore Earth’s hidden secrets in stunning caves from Europe to North America and the Caribbean Sea to unlock the secrets of our planet’s climate history.