Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe

Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe

By Meghan McCloskey

DAY THREE — I’m staring at the twinkling stars and floating upon what feels like a miniature Dead Sea inhaling sweet smells of vanilla, and exhaling my stress.  This is one of the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort Spa’s many options for relaxation, a flotation therapy treatment where guests float in a tub filled with water at body temperature and Epsom salts in a dome flotation chamber that simulates a night sky.

The reported effects of this therapy are detoxification, stress relief, improved creativity and increased focus. I was able to relax more knowing that my boyfriend, Jonathan, was in the next tub over in the flotation chamber sharing the new experience and hopefully the positive effects. 

Barcelo Maya Beach Resort Spa located in Riviera Maya, Mexico offers a wide range of services from the ordinary facial or pedicure to more unique treatments like the Riviera Maya package, which includes a coconut scrub, chocolate body wrap and deep tissue massage.

We decided to share our entire spa experience and opted for the Romantic Escape couple massage. Our massages took place in a dimly lit, spacious room decorated with rose petals complete with a hot tub and a bottle of champagne. After the 50 minute massage, we were given time alone in the bubbly tub while drinking a couple of glasses of bubbly.  We blissfully left the spa, focused only on our vacation and loose muscles. This condensed relaxation for couples would be perfect for parents that want to have a couple of hours of time to their selves.   

Where are the kids while the parents are at the spa? There are two options: the Barcy Kids Club, where kids get to partake in activities like pool sports and crafts, or the Barcelo Kids Spa.  The Kids Spa is next door to the grown up spa and offers services for kids like hair braiding, manicures and pedicures.  This has been so popular with the little niñas that Barcelo is developing a Princess for a Day program that integrates the spa activities with activities like designing a dress and an evening ball. 

The Barcelo Spa will make anyone feel like royalty.