Especially when it’s hot—as it has been unbearably so on the East Coast—and especially on vacation, it can be tough to keep your cool. The kids are going to bicker and complain just like at home, even though you are spending  $$$$ for hotels, meals and souvenirs, not to mention entertainment.


Take a deep breath and remember that traveling with kids is just like raising them—aggravating, frustrating and the most wonderful experience you can have. If it’s too hot to do what you planned, change gears. Let the kids lead the way. One dad told me when he sensed his kids had enough sightseeing in The Big Apple, they ducked into a Times Square movie theater and saw Toy Story 3.  That ranked tops on the kids list of what they saw in New York, in fact.


Instead of just hitting the major sites, check out a smaller museum or neighborhood you haven’t been.  So what if it isn’t beach weather and you are at a beach town.  Did you know you can tour a potato chip factory on Cape Cod, for example?  


I remember the day my gang rebelled at spending another day on lines at an Orlando theme park. We spent the day at the pool and probably had more fun.


Remember, it’s vacation. You don’t have to be doing something every minute.