Build memories brick by brick at the Seattle Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) exhibition, Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks, opening on May 25, 2024.

Featuring a brief history of LEGO bricks, this fun international traveling exhibition by Museums of History NSW and Flying Fish, invites visitors of all ages to explore the fascinating world of architecture through the lens of one of the world’s most beloved toys. From towering skyscrapers to iconic landmarks,Towers of Tomorrow showcases stunning LEGO brick replicas of 20 of the most famous buildings from across the globe.

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds and marvel at intricate models of the Empire State Building, the Sydney Opera House, and the Burj Khalifa, all meticulously crafted with LEGO bricks. The exhibition spotlights a breathtaking array of architectural wonders designed by Australian LEGO designer Ryan McNaught, one of only twenty-one LEGO Certified Professionals worldwide. 

UPCOMING PROGRAMS AND EVENTS RELATED TO THE Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks  EXHIBITION (details are subject to change, and additional programs and events may be added).

Bricks & Brews: The MOHAI Edition

Wednesday, June 5 | 7 -10 pm

Must be 21 or older to attend

Assemble your crew and recreate some of MOHAI’s iconic artifacts with LEGO bricks. Ages 21+

LEGO® Quilt: Time for Art!

Saturday, June 15 | 11 am–1 pm

Join Master LEGO® Builder Alice Finch and the Women’s Brick Initiative to design your own quilt square using LEGO dots and tell your story!

Urban Planning with LEGO® Bricks

Saturday, July 13 | 1–4 pm

In this collaboration with Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development, visitors will have a chance to use LEGO® bricks to build their ideal city.

Outside the Brick

Saturday, August 24 | 1–4 pm

Join us for a hands-on all-ages day in the park with art-making activities and unconventional builds.

Up-to-date information about Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks and related programming can be found in the MOHAI online calendar at, on Facebook or by calling (206) 324-1126.