Visit a National Park — like the Grand Canyon

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Of all the things that could disrupt travel, volcano ash is at the bottom of the list. Yet travelers across the globe are stranded because airspace in more than a dozen countries has been closed by the immense volcanic ash cloud drifting from Iceland.

It’s the worst travel disruption since 9/11; British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced he’s sending the Navy to help get British citizens home.Runners are worried they aren’t going to get to the Boston Marathon and directors to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

No one seems to know how long it is going to last. Some travelers may be stranded longer than a week. This is a good example of why travel insurance can pay off–as long as you’ve purchased the right policy. Read the fine print before you buy!

But this is also an example of trying to make lemonade out of lemons and teach the kids a lesson in the process.  Instead of sitting at the airport all day, go out and explore the city.  In the United States, visit a nearby national park or historic monument. Entrance fees are waived this week and there are all sorts of special activities. 

Sure it’s hard to switch gears, especially when your plans have been so disrupted. But flexibility is a good thing and you never know what adventures may be in the offing–adventures you never would have had otherwise.