Audubon Society pond in Litchfield County CT

The kids assume mom and dad have “no life” when they aren’t around but that is SO NOT TRUE. This past weekend, when we found ourselves kid-less on a beautiful spring Saturday, we hopped in our Subaru for an unplanned adventure in the countryside about an hour from our home in Connecticut–an area we’d never explored because we were always so busy on weekends with track meets, soccer games, Little League–to the extent that we never seemed to have enough hours to get done what we needed to much less have time for some just-because-it’s-a-sunny-day adventure.

So we drove up to the foothills of the Berkshires, stopping for a stellar breakfast at a local favorite called Patty’s Restaurant in Litchfield before heading to White Flower Farm ( ) home of a well-known garden mail-order business but where gardeners like us can get inspired, buying a few flowers and plants for our garden. We ended our adventure tromping through the woods at the Sharon Audubon Center–a 1200 nature sanctuary, loving the “fun facts”  that were posted along the trail. ( ).

So yes, mom and dad can have excellent adventures when the kids are gone. They just laughed when we told them.